• Assistance in search of manufacturers for specific products communications and negotiation with suppliers

  • Visit to production plants and quality inspection during the production assurance phase as well as keeping track of the schedule for production and shipping

  • Keeping track of shipment (packaging, warehousing and delivery and preparation of all custom documentaries)

  • Arrangement of business visits, including hotel booking, in-country transportation and interpreter service and others as per request

  • Reducing time in finding the right suppliers

  • Direct access to Chinese manufacturers

  • Better prices, reduced risks in quality and schedule Reduced purchasing costs

  • Reduced purchasing costs

  • Better communications with Chinese suppliers


Factory Evaluation

  • Factory evaluation

  • QA system evaluation

  • Ethical evaluation



  • For improving products

  • For improving factory


What do we check during inspection?

  • Workmanship

  • Actual quantities

  • Dimension and measurement

  • Weight

  • Packaging

  • Labeling and marks

  • Drop test

  • Basic function test


AQL or percentage according to the client's requirement.

  • ASTM -point system

  • Industry benchmarks


Choices of Solutions

  • Pre-productions Check

  • Initial Production Check

  • During Production Check

  • In-line and End of line Check

  • Final Random Inspection

  • Loading Supervision

  • Tailor-made solution


During Production Check

In this service, they will check whether the corrections and improvements suggested during the IPC were implemented, examine the existing production, and advise the manufacturers of any further corrections or improvements to be made. The packaging materials and all labeling and markings may also be checked at this stage, if available.


In Line and End of Line Inspection

Is production on schedule and in conformity with your requirement? In some special cases or situations, for example in extremely busy peak seasons, you want to make sure the shipment date is on time. We arrange for experts at the factory to track and monitor the orders for you. Check in-line production and end of line production and discuss the issues found with the factory everyday. A follow-up inspection report with professional solutions everyday will leave you with a "peace of mind". We provide this service right from the beginning of production till loading of containers (referring to loading supervision), anytime.


Loading Supervision

This service ensures that a lot is being shipped in proper condition and in its entirety. When the consignment is to be shipped by container, we first examine the container itself and then ensure that the stuffing operation is carried out properly, namely those cartons are securely stacked and not mishandled.


Final Inspection

We will inspect the selected samples at random against your specifications and approved/reference samples. This inspection involves a close examination covering items such as construction, workmanship, color, odor, measurement, weight, function, assortment, packaging, labeling marking, etc. The Final Inspection takes place after 95 % of your merchandise has been(as usually 5% of increase/decrease is allowed) produced and at least 80% of the shipment has been packed.