Keramos Inc. Limited is a global organization specializing in sourcing and distribution of IT hardware products and solutions in some of the most tech savvy markets in the world like LED , Electrical fitting and Mobile accessories . We possess more than 20 years of experience in global hardware business, and our client roster boasts some of the leading OEMs in the PC products and peripherals space.


Keramos  bring to the table several inherent strengths:

  • A wide range of product categories
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • Efficient Logistical support
  • Capacity to execute large OEM orders


We are committed in leveraging our expertise and resources to help our partners succeed. Through well thought-out alliances Keramos has put in place dedicated manufacturing lines that furnishes us with the capability to develop customized products.

Our partnership with global market leaders enables us to offer some of the best IT solutions and products to our respected clients and partners. And through our world-class service, we create increased efficiency, generate higher product demand, and provide our partners and clients with the ability to capture new opportunities.


We adhere to certain core values, which we believe are vital to our success. These values influence the way we deal with our client and partners:

  • Trust: Our credibility is at the core of our success, and high standards of excellence and performance are an integral part of our business code.
  • Partnership: Solidarity with clients, employees, and partners; the ability to share in both good and bad times.
  • Integrity: Adherence to business ethics and the refusal to even consider unfair trade practices.
  • Customer delight: Satisfying the requirements of our valued customers will remain foremost in all our dealings. We only win new markets by focusing on consistent customer relationship in all our activities.
  • Pursuit of excellence: Constantly strive towards perfection and excellence in all our dealings with partners and clients.
  • Global mindset: Independence of mind and respect for others in their diverse cultures, habits, and customs.


Keramos Inc. ltd is headquartered at Hong Kong & we aim at building a positive marketing-oriented relationship with our suppliers based in China, in addition to shouldering the responsibility of product customization for our clients.


Keramos Inc. Limited Hong Kong has developed considerable expertise in providing logistical services as well as sales and marketing support to our valued partners. We also have an office in Shenzhen China to manage procurement, inspection and cater to OEMs as well as customers product requirements.